5G has been quite the hot topic of the past few months with both the top dogs, Korea and US, competing to get the technology first to market, the argument of which still remains unresolved. When someone mentions 5G, the only possible countries that come to mind our these two with China coming in with a distant third place. No one mentions its possibilities in the middle east and the sub continental region, regions which are more often than not late to the party. However, this time might be the time when the tables turn! Etisalat introduces 5G in the middle east.

Etisalat, a middle eastern telco and the owner of Ufone in Pakistan, has just introduced 5g services which comes to show the level of progress technology has made in this region and how 5g would at as a catalyst in the further development of technology in this region. 5G opens an entire world of new possibilities with download speeds of upto 10,000Mbps with extremely low latencies. 5G would be able to overcome the issue of network congestion and service degradation and would be able to power up smart cities with autonomous vehicles and other services which was never before possible due to the network constraints.

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Talking about Etisalat, the company is based in the UAE and has been the owner of Ufone for some time now and the introduction of 5g by the parent company Etisalat would give hope to Pakistanis using Ufone, since the technology could well be integrated in Pakistani networks and thus allowing Pakistan to be among the first ones to experience such high speeds. Etisalat uploaded a video on twitter using the ZTE Axon 10 PRO to show off the crazy speeds that 5G has to offer. This is a positive step towards speeding up things in this region after a long time of waiting!

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