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Euro-IV petrol is coming in Pakistan

A higher quality Euro-IV petrol is coming in Pakistan in next few months. PM Imran Khan directed to formulate policy in this regard. He said that vehicular emission is the biggest contributor of air pollution in Pakistan. He charts out the plan of converting fuel to Euro-V standard by the end of next year.

Petrol standard

PM Imran Khan asserted that substandard petrol is polluting environment and giving rise to the damaging issue of air pollution. 

Situation in Lahore

Lahore particularly is in headlines as it is among the top 10 most polluted cities in the world, even topped the list this November surpassing New Delhi. Lahore has been facing the issue of smog and bad quality air for several years now and specially this time of year the issue gets critical. 

“We are planning to plant an urban forest near Lahore to help curb emission” said Khan. He further said that Pakistan meet its energy needs by importing 50 to 60% oil which is only of Euro-II European standard. 

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Euro-IV petrol emissions standards

CO: 1.0g/km
THC: 0.10g/km
NOx: 0.08g/km

Euro-IV diesel emissions standards

CO: 0.50g/km
HC + NOx: 0.30g/km
NOx: 0.25g/km
PM: 0.025g/km


The world has been shifted to Euro-V standard and Pakistan is still importing old technology fuel. In a first phase of the plan a three year deadline will be given to the oil refineries to convert their fuel standard after which the government will start sealing then down.

Climate change 

Pakistan is among countries who emit least amount of carbon into the air while among top ten countries in the world where climate change is inflicting most damages. The government is taking measures by protecting the environment and devising new clean policies.

Earlier PM announced to formulate policy to convert 30% cars to electric by 2030. The government is also pushing hard to bring major electric companies to Pakistan.


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