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European Group Uncovers India’s Malicious Activities

An European gathering has revealed an Indian disinformation network working since 2005 to ruin countries in clash with Delhi, especially Pakistan. 

A year ago, the Brussels-based EU DisinfoLab revealed an immense organization of 265 facilitated counterfeit nearby news sources in 65 nations serving Indian interests, just as various questionable research organizations and NGOs. This organization was dynamic in Brussels and Geneva in delivering and enhancing content intended to, principally, subvert Pakistan. 

In another investigation, named Indian Chronicles, the gathering has uncovered another Indian organization that expects to fortify supportive of Indian and hostile to Pakistan (and against Chinese) sentiments in India. 

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Universally, the organization is attempting to solidify the power and improve the picture of India and harm notoriety of opponent nations so that eventually India may profit by more help from worldwide foundations, for example, the European Union and the United Nations. 

To do as such, the organization utilized phony personas of a dead basic freedoms lobbyist and columnists, and furthermore attempted to mimic customary media and press offices, for example, the EU Observer, the Economist and Voice of America. 

265 phony news sources and questionable research organizations, NGOs are engaged with delivering content intended to subvert Pakistan 

The organization likewise utilized letterhead of the European Parliament, enlisted sites under symbols with counterfeit telephone numbers, if counterfeit delivers to the United Nations and made distributing organizations to print books of the research organizations they claimed. 

Generally, a whole organization of more than 500 phony neighborhood news sources in 95 nations recreated negative cycles about Pakistan (or China). Altogether, the activity has covered 116 nations and nine districts.


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