The Samsung Galaxy Fold – the Korean manufacturer’s first ever foldable device was set to be released in April, as Samsung announced it all the way back in February. However, as it turned out, Samsung did not actually go ahead with the planned April launch, as the device’s release was delayed just a week ahead of its planned launch.

In hindsight though, while many were left disappointed with Samsung’s decision to not go through with the release, it was all for the best – as the device would have been launched with multiple screen issues which were made quite apparent once reviewers got their hands on it.

Just this week though, the Korean manufacturer made the announcement that the Galaxy Fold will actually ship in September. However, even though the month has been specified, what exact date the company will follow on still hasn’t been revealed.

The Korean manufacturer commented on the delay of the device by saying that it actually took an extra five months for the company to optimize more apps and services for the foldable UX. And of course, Samsung also went ahead and changed the Fold’s design along with its construction.

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The new design construction features are present as there is a top protective layer of the Infinity Flex display which has the ability to extent beyond the bezel, and so making it much more clear that it is quite an important part of the display structure and is not at all meant to be removed.

Also, both the top and the bottom hinge areas now have much more strength – this courtesy of added protection caps. The Infinity Flex now also has additional metal layers which are present underneath in order to reinforce the protection of the display. Another important aspect of the new design is that the space which is present between the hinge of the device has greatly been reduced.

Unfortunately enough for Samsung though, latest news that surrounds the Fold suggests that while some carriers in the US have confirmed they won’t be selling the device, others still aren’t sure. While this would represent a disappointing experience for the company, it is nowhere as bad as what would have happened if Samsung pushed through a failing device. Needless to say that a situation with poor sales is always better than mass returns.

The goal for Samsung with the Galaxy Fold was always to set the stage for its further upcoming foldable lineup of phones that we will see in the future. It was never likely in the first place that the phone would sell well. And even now, only early adopters are going to buy a category-defining foldable phone.


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