Retired threeand four-star officers from the Armed Forces are able to bring in duty-free bulletproof cars of up to 6,000cc in an initiative that was approved by the cabinet in the federal government however it will require approval from the premier an official source said to Netmag.

The facility will be accessible to the three service chiefs as well as chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee within a short time after retirement, according to the official however, he added that a formal announcement has not yet been released.

The facility’s eligibility will be subject to any kind of condition or if it will apply for only retirement offers is to be determined. “We can’t divulge details currently,” the source said but added that things will be made clear after the notice was released.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has put off the release of the notice due to the growing online criticism of the decision taken by the government. The notice will be released following approval from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and Finance Minister, the source told.

In accordance with the cabinet’s decision in principle officers of the armed forces with four stars are allowed to import two bulletproof cars that have a capacity up to 6,000cc in duty-free. Three-star officers will be allowed to purchase a bulletproof duty-free vehicle upon retirement.

They will not be able to sell vehicles on markets for five years without FBR’s permission. However, if they wish to sell their vehicle prior to this time, they’ll be required to pay all duty and taxes. Furthermore, the import of these vehicles will be in line to the recommendation of the defense ministry.

A reliable source within the FBR said to Netmag that the decision was taken with the approval of the cabinet of the federal government who has the power to exempt duty and taxes on everything.

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Another source said it was the case that the choice to permit duty-free bulletproof vehicles was approved by cabinet members in the year 2019. But, he didn’t explain the reason why the decision wasn’t applied in spite of three years.

The initial decision was to restrict the facility for officers who have participated in major operations or face security issues following their retirement, the source explained and added that the facility was not accessible to officers of three star rank from the military.

A finance ministry official has said the IMF will not have any issues with an individual’s exemptions. “We have recently renewed the exemptions granted to international organizations and diplomats” an official told reporters.

In the year 2020 the commerce ministry announced that it would not allow imports of bulletproof, used and new vehicles by means of a SRO902 notification of 2020.

In accordance with this law, vehicles that are bulletproof are able to be imported upon the advice of the interior ministry with conditions. However, in this scenario, the exempted from duty and taxes is an additional advantage.


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