In 2017 Apple has amazing plan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. We’ve got quite a few months to go until the opening ceremony of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s striving plans for the device, there are already loads of expectations and rumors hinting at the exciting features pending in the 2017 iPhone.

Apple is supposed to be testing more than 10 prototype iPhone models, so it’s not utterly clear what we’re going to see, and because there are a lot of test devices in play, rumors are also inconsistent and murky at this time.

Rumors hint the iPhone 8 will mark a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display that does away with the top and bottom bezels where aspects like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the front-facing camera are placed. Most rumors propose there will be no Home button and touch ID might be manufactured directly into the display, but Apple is said to be having a problem applying Touch ID underneath the display.

iPhone 8 may be similar in dimension to the 4.7-inch iPhone, with a display the size of the 5.5-inch iPhone With an edge-to-edge proposed design. Wireless charging would be new exciting feature.

The display itself is said to be flexible plastic OLED somewhat than an LCD, allowing Apple to set up a thinner device that uses less power and offers a better display with superior contrast ratio and more exact to life colors. It may also feature edges that are curved on both sides like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but rumors are unclear at this point because Apple suppliers still have difficulty producing more curved displays, and it’s looking more like it will have the similar a little curved 2.5D display that’s like to the display used in the iPhone 7. One of the renderings shows the backside of the phone with a latest vertical dual camera setup.

As for the body, rumors suggest Apple is, at last, going to shift away from the aluminum utilize in the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, and SE, instead re-adopting a glass body that’s comparable to the body that was used in the iPhone 4. At least one iPhone model upcoming in 2017 will bring into play a glass body, according to Apple supplier Catcher Technology. So wait for the release date. It will be surprised.



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