Experiencing Poco; in its own way. Xiaomi latest phone has got pretty much everyone talking. Many are actually calling it the ‘impossible phone’, as most of the people, and experts, are in disbelief as to how the company has managed to integrate such impressive specs in a phone which is not at all hard on the wallet. Basically, you’ll get all the dream specs you’d want, all the specs we’ve come to expect from flagship phones – however, at a very reasonable price, to say the least.

Now that the phone is presented, it’s an unfortunate thing that it isn’t available for everyone around the world. It is available in specific countries and regions, however, these might be subject to change as we might see the phone popping up in other regions of the world soon. Such statements thought result only from rumors.

However, if you think that the phone not being in your region means you cannot actually experience it, or at least have an idea as to what to expect from the phone, well, then you’re wrong. If you want to have a Poco like experience, then good news for you, as the phones launcher is available for download, and this download can be achieved with no problems at all.

Xiaomi’s new Poco launcher can quite easily be downloaded from the Google play store, as it is now available. And if you want to have another way to go about the whole downloading process, then there’s always the option of APK.

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While it may seem that the whole process is smooth and great – it is, but maybe to a certain extent. The main issue with regards to the launcher is that certain apps don’t seem to be going along with the launcher. Now they might be not getting along with the launcher, or perhaps the Poco phone F1 altogether. That remains unclear, thus far.

The problems have been identified, as they range from the lacking for support the support of Wide vine L1, to the HD playback in Netflix and DRM info. As I stated earlier, where the problem is, isn’t quite clear till now. It could possibly a software problem, or just as might have to do directly with the device. So while it might be a good experience having the Poco launcher, it might not all be honey and roses since the problems are there. Make sure to look for them, and if you can use the launcher without any problems, well, then well for you!


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