It is expected that Google will launch Android 12 sometime in the second half of this year. Ahead of this, the brand has gone on to release beta version as usual. Several reports have also gone on to uncover what features the company is planning to bring about this time around. And now, a new report has proceeded on to indicate that Google might introduce a revamped auto rotate feature.

Google is in fact working on a new feature going by the name of “smart auto rotate” and while the specifics aren’t exactly known as of right now, reports go on to say that this could actually be a feature which is face-based. This refers to the fact that making use of the front-facing camera, the screen will actually be rotated automatically in accordance with the face orientation of the user.

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For the sake of recognizing the position of the face, Google will go on and make use of an algorithm where the front camera has the capabilities to capture the view of the user’s face. And while there might be some people raising eyebrows over privacy issues – this wouldn’t be a problem when considering the fact that Google would mostly capture/process the data locally.

In the past of course, the auto rotate feature has had its critics. For example, if you happen to be toggling between portrait and landscape mode while lying down sideways, it will actually end up shifting to landscape mode as you tilt it. However, your face would be facing the phone straightway.

This ordeal goes on to make the feature a tad useless at times. In any case though, this particular report goes on to suggest that the smart auto rotate/ face-based feature on Android 12 could  make use of face shape algorithms which happen to be found on other apps such as Google duo. Also important to note is that if Google were in fact to bring it to the final version, then it should roll out to the Pixel devices first before launching on other devices.


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