Facebook Adding Shopping to Your App

Facebook Adding Shopping To Your App

So it seems that you can now shop for items directly form the Facebook’s app through a new shopping tab which was released by the company on Tuesday dubbed the, Facebook Shop. The Facebook Shop is a platform where customers will be able to discover businesses and products within the app, any page that has enlisted products for purchase shall be made available to you, for purchase of course. You can find the new feature in the main menu in Facebook’s app. 

In terms of the function of the Facebook Shop the name says it all, customers will ser new Facebook Shops or specific items which they may be looking for. It works in tandem with Facebook Shops, which was released in an update which came back in May and this was a tool that lets small business owners set up an online store, free of charge. In terms of design, we’ll from the looks of things, the actual shops look and feel quite like a Facebook page where business owners can enlist their items for sale. Customers can now make a purchase directly through Facebook Shops. 

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Part of the new Shop tab focuses on the ability for customers to participate in live shopping (where customers can shop products during a Facebook Live stream) and loyalty programs for customers who visit and purchase from any given shop the most, they will then be given special offers by the shop owner as well as a badge we presume. Facebook announced on Tuesday by issuing a statement which read, “We want to make shopping easier for people and empower anyone, from an entrepreneur to the largest brand, to use our apps to connect with customers and grow their business, that’s  why we’re creating new ways for people to shop on our apps and providing tools to help businesses sell online.”

It should be noted that back in March, the company announced an investment of $100 million to provide for small businesses to help them through the financial struggles which the coronavirus pandemic has created after its global spread. The company believes in looking out for each other and they said that they would be giving financial support to 30,000 small businesses in 30 countries in the form of cash grants and free ad credits, to help them get through this rough patch! 


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