Facebook: You Can Erase Your Ex and Block Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook: You Can Erase Your Ex and Block Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook: You Can Erase Your Ex and Block Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, the social media platform that has taken the responsibility of keeping in touch billions of people from all around the world to make the Earth really a tech town, has recently announced some changes that could just amaze you.

The changes by Facebook are most significantly good for those who have tried hundred times to block Mark Zuckerberg but couldn’t, or want to block your Ex partner’s posts on your account.

Two days ago, Facebook introduced some new features to their website. While these are no significant changes, a couple of the more minor additions are certainly of note on this platform.

“Take a Break”

Ohh no! you are not being asked for taking a break, actually if is one of the new features included to Facebook.

In case you have ever dated someone, mist significantly a relationship that had been very vocal on Facebook, you might prefer to not be now reminded of just how well they are now getting along when you are not with them.

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Facebook’s introduction of this “Take a Break ” feature has also been reported by SkyNews.

 In “Take a Break ”  feature, people are going to be able to either temporarily or permanently block any trace of their ex from past and future posts so that you are not receiving those posts on your account.

Permitting users to either make this “break” permanent or temporary, it would at least permit you time for the wounds to get healed without seeing your ex-partner lip wresting their next conquest.

Block Mark Zuckerberg:

Despite all of the people (either they are your friends or family members or some others) and groups you can block, one person has always remained elusive. To be candid, there is a good reason for that.

Mark Zuckerberg, as the founder of Facebook has for years now remained completely impervious to being blocked and that is, until now!

As according to a report, Mark Zuckerberg has been dragged down to the level of us mere mortals and now you can officially block him.

Now the likelihood of wanting to ban Mark Zuckerberg is, to be fair, slim. I can not think of any reports of Mark Zuckerberg that are trolling or spamming his members. Even not outside the standard advertising. However, if you want, block him now.

Though the steps of Facebook are not game changing but it is good to see Facebook moving with time and having a sense of humour.


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