The social networking site,  Facebook, is rolling out its new feature worldwide wide. The feature enables you finding free Wi-Fi hotspots near your location.

Last time the company introduced the feature in a few countries but this time people around the globe will be a Le to enjoy free WiFi hotspots that Facebook detects. However, this update will take some time.

How will it work?

The new feature will be available for all Android and iPhone devices. Users will be able to find it in the more tab of the mobile app from where users can tap on the Find Wi-Fi option.

The feature that helps the user to search all available Wi-Fi hotspots that are near their location has a downside that the businesses require enlisting the free Wi-Fi connection on their Facebook pages.

Facebook Engineering Director Alex Himel does reveal that the feature will help the users especially travelers to find and connect to the Internet where the mobile broadband connection is not good.

While traveling, users can enlist places that offer free Wi-Fi connection before leaving their house/ hotel room to stay connected on the go.

A few months ago, Punjab Government introduced Free Wi-Fi facility to people of Punjab. Govt also created a mobile application that can help people to locate the nearby hotspots to access the Internet.


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