Facebook as well as Google are starting to lose their trust with Users data

    Facebook as well as Google are starting to lose their trust with Users data
    Facebook as well as Google are starting to lose their trust with Users data

    People have trusted huge firms such as Google and Facebook with their data for a number of years now. People have offered so much to these websites their location data, moreover information regarding their preferences, their likes and dislikes, and so much more without any hesitation only to find out that this information is collected only to send you ads which are based on these so called preferences. Now as time has moved on and with people showing concern for having cyber security it seems that these platforms cannot be trusted any more and so Facebook along with Google are starting to lose the trust they had once created with many millions or even billions of people around the globe.

    Now then the reasons for people losing their trust in these firms has mainly to do with the fact that, Facebook has publicly admitted on affecting over 50 million people with a massive data breach. Both Facebook and Google have been exposed by tRecently. The social media giant was very quick to report the incident, which in turn enabled hackers to exploit a certain weakness in the Facebook’s code to access the ‘View as’ privacy tool. But it failed to provide any solid or clear-cut advice to users on how to tackle such a situation, following the very big breach and confusion which has been created by such social media giants. People have so been heavily affected as they have had their nature of data compromised.

    Furthermore this is not the first time Facebook has seen a security breach of user data. In March 2018 it was also reported by Cambridge Analyticahad exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles. Moreover the social media network had not as yet alerted users when the security breach was discovered. Google+ has hence also been shut down after yhe discovery of the security bug that has left the profile data being exposed leaving its users in shock and have left them heavily disappointed. Building the trust back takes a lot of time and in terms of technology a lot of incentives.

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    Finally, it should be noted that these security breaches can occur to anyone or any firm, the case that this security breach was targeted heavily on Facebook has to do with the fact that Facebook is a globally well known social media website with billions of users but trust is still broken as people expect these websites or platforms to have a highly secured network of cyber security which in turn protects the sensitive information people provide them with. As a wise man once said “with great power, comes great responsibility” and it can be seen that these platforms lost the plot when it came to responsibility. Now in order to regain the trust companies such as Google and Facebook will have to show how they secure the date of their many users so if an event of a security breach does occur people would know how well the company will do to ensure data protection. Now with the Regulatory Authorities imposing huge fines on firms that fail to ensure User Data Protection it seems that these firms will surely improve their cyber security network in the near future.


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