Facebook to launch Marketplace for cars with dealers and Blue Book pricing

Facebook to launch Marketplace for cars with dealers and Blue Book pricing
Facebook to launch Marketplace for cars with dealers and Blue Book pricing

Did you ever Imagine buying a car through Facebook?  Well it is possible now in return of your purchases the social network could earn a special place in your heart as Facebook is creating a dedicated section of Marketplace for vehicles.

Being able to use new search filters you can find a ride with a specific type, model, make, mileage, transmission, and more from both masses and car dealerships like Edmunds, Cars.com, Auction123, CDK Global, and SocialDealer etc. Facebook enables You to check pricing against the industry standard Kelly’s Blue Book. And by using Messenger bots you can communicate with dealers in real-time instead of filling out a contact form and waiting for hearing him back.

Search volume in the social media site Facebook’s peer-to-peer classifieds directory launched one year ago has grown 3X worldwide since the start of 2017, with 18 mn listings that are going to be added in the US alone in the month of May. There has also been 77 percent growth in unique conversations between buyers and sellers over the first six months of this year.

Facebook product manager Bowen Pan says,

“Autos are one of the most popular categories of Marketplace”.  He added that there are millions of people in the US alone looking at used cars, motorbikes, and other vehicle listings every day.

So, just as Marketplace has grown due to the rampant emergent behavior of people who are  creating buy-and-sell Facebook Groups, the Marketplace team followed these usage trends to build a quite new vehicle features.

Facebook is not taking a cut of any Marketplace transactions. But a few months ago this platform  started testing ads within Marketplace to promote certain products like vehicles. It is possible that the dealerships would pay happily for ads if they could land them a car buyer.

 Facebook’s spotlight of Marketplace on cars is just part of its ambitious plans for the commerce platform. It is also working to help people land their jobs, buying tickets through Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, alongside discovering daily deals through eBay, browsing retail products from the Shop sections of Pages.  Facebook next plans to tackle real estate so the people can find a house or apartment.

While Craigslist and several vertical specific websites have been around forever, Facebook is emerging in by combining the fact that people dn not require setting up a new account, already do visit the app daily, and possesses visibility into profiles of people  and social graphs that are expected to boost trust.



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