Mark Zuckerberg, who is the owner of leading social media website, Facebook, has apparently ordered the company’s management team to ditch their iPhones in favor of Android phones, this news coming as a result of a report from the New York times. This command comes after the Apple CEO, Tim Cook had criticized some of the ways in which a small number of companies use customer data in order to make money.

In the most specific of mannerism, Tim Cook stated that Apple would never go into the traffic of a user, and that Apple privacy is a “human right” and a “civil liberty”. Such quotes arrived during Facebook’s Cambridge Analyticadata-sharing scandal, in which it was revealed that around 87 million users belonging to Facebook had their data improperly shared with the analytics company.

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Zuckerberg, as a result it would seem then ordered the management of Facebook to ditch the iPhones. The reasoning the CEO of Facebook gave for this was that since Facebook is used more on Android, it would make sense for the workers to use Android as well. However, this was the apparent reasoning given by Zuckerberg. In reality, it’s probably much more than this.

Something like this isn’t actually the first time of occurrence at Facebook. Just three years ago, back in 2015, the company’s chief product officer, Chris Cox had told some of Facebook’s employees that they should start using Android, just so they could see how the service provided by Facebook worked on Google’s platform.

Unfortunately however, it’s probable that we’ll never exactly know what exactly was the motivational factor behind the decision of Zuckerberg, when he told his management to ditch Apple’s products, and we don’t even know whether or not the orders were even followed.


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