Facebook now allows a user to delete messages for the others as well

So Facebook has been apart of much controversy in recent times but do not worry we will not be discussing that in today’s discussion in stead we will stay true to the title we have opted for in this article. So as the Title suggests, Facebook has added a new message recall feature in its messenger application which will now allow users to remove messages from a particular conversation after they have sent that message. Somewhat like the WhatsApp dedicated feature for this purpose.

Just like with the WhatsApp message delete system, once you chose to delete any message you are given the option to either, ‘Delete for you’ or “Delete for everyone”. It’s a pretty nice addition and many users have once in there lives faced the situation of, mistakenly sending a message or sending a message which you regret later on( for all those love birds out there, wink wink). In addition to that if you have some sort of OCD with grammar correction too, users can simply delete that message and correct it and send it again, however the once you delete the message the other person will get that update that “This message was deleted”.

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Furthermore, you only have a 10 min window before the message becomes permanent. The feature will only work if the removal of message was within 10 minutes after you have sent that message. So yeah this addition is good on Facebook’s end and even better at the consumer end and well lets face it, it is about time that Facebook opted for this change, they own the WhatsApp application and users would want that App’s features in these apps as well.  So all in all it has been a good addition from Facebook and we think a lot of users will find this feature particularly beneficial for there everyday use.

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