Facebook is also dived in the competition of hardware manufacturing of smart home speaker systems to give tough times to Amazon, Google and Apple.

According to a report in Taipai-based website Digitimes, now Facebook is all set to officially roll out two smart home speakers in 2018. Both of models named Aloha and Fiona with 15-inch touch screens hopefully will be launched around July 2018.

However, “supply chain sources claimed  that Facebook was firstly slated to release the devices in May, but has resolute to postpone the launch to allocate more time for perfecting the audio quality of the gadgets and software modification,” the report said on Wednesday.

According to the Facebook’s Building 8 hardware lab, the Aloha model is allegedly more sophisticated than Fiona.

“The Aloha model, to be marketed under the official name Portal, will use voice commands but will also feature facial recognition to identify users for accessing Facebook via a wide-angle lens on the front of the device,” the report added.

Moreover, in this regard the social web giant Facebook has signed some music licensing contracts with Sony and Universal Music for smart home speakers.

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One thing is clear after this big step by Facebook that global competition is going to increase dramatically and the fact that Facebook is also entering to hardware manufacturing of smart home speaker systems is just adding fuel to the fire in the global smart speaker market.

As most of the tech analysis including market research firm Canalys suggested that, the global smart speakers market is possibly to double going to be over 50 million units in 2018.

On the other side of the picture, Apple has launched “HomePod”, Amazon has “Echo” smart home speaker series, at the same time Google offers “Home” and “Home Mini”.

So it seems that we are going to witness a great rivalry war between these tech giant in 2018. Do you think Facebook can also beat global competition in this segment?


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