With Facebook already in a pretty tough situation after, they have once again given the people another reason to doubt their ability, their ability to safeguard their users personal data. The social network just told the people that a bug in their system has exposed up to 6.8 million users private photos to a third part application. As of Friday the Social Media Platform said that they had resolved the issue.

Now when you give third party applications, permission to access your photos on Facebook, they are only allowed to see photos that you have shared on your timeline, Facebook’s Tomer Bar has explained in a post that. But this API bug may have given the app developers of various applications access to even more of your images, including the ones you have shared on the Marketplace, Facebook Stories or even the ones that you may have uploaded on the social network but did not end up posting.

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Moreover, the social network has planned to roll out tools next week to help the app developers determine which of their users might have been impacted by this bug. The company has stated that they are also working with developers to delete the affected messages. Facebook also plans to alert all of the affected users who may have been affected by this bug but they did not reveal what would happen though. Well, when it does arrive the notification will direct you to the Facebook Help Center.

Furthermore, if you do trust the company Facebook enough to buy their new Portal video calling appliance, the company is planning to roll out some new features that you can check out. This includes a new web browser, and access to Facebook Instant Games such as Battleship Disney TsumTsum, Draw Something, Shake it Up- Poker Dice, Sudoku, SuperBaseball and Wordw with friends.

Facebook Photo API Bug has exposed up to 6.8 million photos of users!

Finally lets see how when the dust clears, and Facebook is out of the current crisis it sees itself in where Facebook would stand in terms of the faith of its users.


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