Social media giant Facebook seems to be gradually accepting a new reality in Australia following on from the company’s new modified law that in fact mandates social media platforms to pay publishers for the sake of their news content that happens to be placed on their platforms. Responding to this particular law, Facebook had gone on to claim last month that it had shut out various pages which happened to have related to news content in Australia. These also includes public pages of hundreds of government parastatals and agencies – as a result of which all millions of Australians were cut off from information with respect to sundry issues – ranging from the likes of weather to the likes of Covd-19 vaccine rollout.

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And while there has in fact been a widespread condemnation of Facebook from within the country, in hindsight, it seems as if the decision has indeed paid off, as there were conciliatory moves that took place in order to douse the tension which existed between the company and the Australian government. A few modifications did went into affect with respect to the law which were subject to being acceptable to the social media giant. And now, it has been confirmed that Facebook has actually signed a three year contract with Australian media giant News Corp that would refer to the fact that the company would be given the permission to use content from News Corp affiliates that happen to be based in Australia. This agreement does include several Australian media outlets that happen to be owned and controlled by News Corp.

Many have also been made aware of the fact that Facebook has been in talks with several other heavy hitters based in the Australian media for the sake of similar deals – which would be in line with the new law which of course already is operational.


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