Facebook to let users transfer photos as well as videos to Dropbox

Facebook to let users transfer photos as well as videos to Dropbox

If you’re looking towards the prospect of exporting photos and videos from your Facebook account, you will now have more options, Indeed starting now, the social media giant will allow users to export such files to Dropbox and the EU startup Koofr, as well as Google photos.

Ever since June, the users of Facebook have indeed had the opportunity to transfer photos to Google photos. Such changes are part of a larger Data Transfer Project – which has said aims to make it easier for users to download as well as transfer stuff between Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

The goal that seems to be there – at least partially – is to keep the regulators happy. Data portability is a requirement by the EU’s GDPR privacy rules and the California Consumer Protection Art (CCPA). Indeed increased data portability could also make way for addressing some larger antitrust concerns.

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Nonetheless, Facebook has claimed that it will ask and require users to re-enter their passwords before the actual transfer of files takes place and also that the data will indeed be encrypted during the transfer. The company has also said that it actually needs more clearer rules with regards to what kinds of data should be portable and so as to who is responsible for protecting it. With regards to these circumstances – Facebook has said that the policy makers are responsible.

As to how the actual transfer takes place, the process is rather simple enough. Indeed all you would have to do to transfer videos as well as photos from Facebook to either Google photos, or indeed Dropbox or Koofr is select “Your Facebook information” in settings. From here, select “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos,” and then enter your password after which you would have to select a destination and confirm the transfer.


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