Not so long ago, Facebook announced that it would take upon itself to send out notifications for iPhone users across the globe with respect to how data is used to provide personalized ads. This made its way just prior to incoming privacy policy changes from Apple.

In accordance with what a report from Reuters claimed, the social media giant is actually rolling out these notifications before Apple, due to the potential harm that the new privacy updates might bring to gave Facebook’s advertising business. The new notification will make its way in the form of a full screen prompt that would actually ask both the users of Facebook as well as Instagram to allow their apps and website to be used for personalized ads. The platform will even ask users to “support businesses that rely on ads to reach customers.”

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For those of you unaware : the company is already actually fighting a public battle against Apple’s plan to ask its user base whether they wish to allow apps to track their activity across websites or even applications. Facebook has warned users that Apple’s notifications “suggest there is a tradeoff between personalized advertising and privacy.” Further, it proceeded on to add that this move would actually hurt small businesses that rely on ads from their platform.

At the current moment in time, it is unknown as to exactly when the new prompt will pop up on the social media platforms, however, Apple is indeed expected to roll out its privacy notifications sooner rather than later. The brand proceeded on to claim that these prompts will start appearing on most iPhone models over the course of next few months. Hence, stay tuned for more updates as more and more information will become available sooner rather than later. 


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