In a recent turn of events, users of amongst the most popular social media websites, Facebook, are being kicked out of their respective accounts, and they are unable to log back in. The issue started yesterday, and as soon as it happened, thousands and thousands of users who were affected went all over the internet, to other social media websites to complain about the issue that they were facing.

The reports suggest that the main victims of the log in issue belong to Europe, however, while the majority is present in Europe, there are also reports coming from other parts of the globe, including the likes of India, and some parts of North America.

While exactly what is going on isn’t clear now, the main issue is that people are being automatically signed out of their accounts when they visit the social media website, or use the Facebook app. The users who try to log back in with their account details are shown a “Page is unavailable” message.

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Users have without doubt been creative in their attempts to log back into Facebook as per the reports, since many users have attempted to log back into the account by resetting their password via the code method, however, even with such methods in mind, users seem to face failure.

Like I stated above, the main reasons as to why such events are happening aren’t clear, however, I don’t think it will be too long before we know exactly what is causing the issue, and the executives at Facebook taking action. In the mean time, you might want to check your Facebook account, to see whether or not you’re affected.


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