Facebook Users Phone Numbers are Being Sold by a Telegram Bot

Facebook Users Phone Numbers are Being Sold by a Telegram Bot

As per a new report by Motherboard, a security analyst Alon Gal discovered that somebody has gotten their hands on a data set of Facebook client’s telephone numbers and is selling it by means of a Telegram bot. Lady guarantees that the individual approaches a data set with data on 533 million clients which came from a Facebook weakness uncovered and fixed in 2019. 

Data sets are normally scrambled and to fish out helpful data, there must be a collaboration between the individual with the data set and the individual attempting to receive data in return. In any case, making a Telegram bot and utilizing it to uncover information takes care of this issue. The individual possessing the information base knew this. 

The bot can do two things: 

It can find that individual’s telephone number utilizing his/her Facebook ID. 

It can discover the individual’s Facebook ID utilizing his/her telephone number. 

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The Motherboard report further subtleties that getting to data like a telephone number or Facebook ID, costs one credit. The individual behind the bot is selling one snippet of data for $20. In any case, mass costs, for example, 10,000 credits selling for $5,000 are likewise accessible. 

The bot came right into it on January 12, 2021, however the data being given is two years of age. In any case, this is humiliating for Facebook since the numbers gathered were for two-factor verification

Lady has reached Telegram to bring the bot down. Nonetheless, no reaction has been gotten from the opposite end, yet.


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