Facebook’s Marketplace enables you buying cars from dealers

Marketplace Facebook's Marketplace enables you buying cars from dealers

Facebook‘s Marketplace enables you buying cars from dealers

Did you ever purchase any product using social media networks? Well, I have a lot of products but especially wardrobe collection of mine has been purchased through Facebook.  But that is not all we can purchase on this platform.

Now you can also buy a car through Facebook while the social network could earn a special place in your heart. So Facebook has created a dedicated section of Marketplace for vehicles.

Being able to use new search filters now you can find a ride with a specific type, make, model, mileage, transmission, and much more from both people and car dealerships such as Edmunds, Cars.com, Auction123, CDK Global, and SocialDealer.

You are now able to check pricing against the industry standard Kelly’s Blue Book.

Now you can also use Messenger bots to communicate with dealers in real-time instead of filling out a contact form. So there is no more need to wait to hear back the dealer’s response.

Just search volume in FB’s peer-to-peer classifieds directory launched a year ago and grown 3X worldwide since the start of 2017, with 18 million listings being added in the US alone in the month of May. There has also been 77 per cent growth in unique conversations between buyers and sellers over the first half of the current year.

Facebook product manager Bowen Pan says,

“Autos are one of the most popular categories of Marketplace”.

He also adds,

“Millions of people in the US alone are looking at used cars, motorbikes, and other vehicle listings every day”.

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So just as Marketplace experienced a grow of the rampant emergent behavior of the people that were creating buy-and-sell Facebook Groups, the Marketplace team followed those trends to build the latest vehicle features.

Facebook does not take a cut of any of the Marketplace transactions. But a few months ago it started testing ads within Marketplace to promote specific products. Just imagine that dealerships ago re being happily payed for ads in case they are able to land them a car buyer.

Spotlight of Marketplace on cars is just a part of ambitious plans of Facebook for the commerce platform.

This platform is also working on helping people in landing jobs, buying tickets through Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, discovering daily deals through eBay, browse retail products from the Shop sections of Pages.

Facebook plans for the future to tackle real estate so to enable you to find a house or apartment.

While Craigslist and several other vertical specific sites have been around, Facebook is butting in by combining the fact that you do not need to set up a new account. Just visit the app daily, and have visibility into profiles of people and social graphs that ca


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