Facebook is testing an innovative feature that may make it more difficult for users to view posts by the creators of their content. This means that only those who have subscribers to the service can view the content, and the rest of us won’t have access to.

We consider this feature to be pretty amazing, however we’ve discovered that it’s only functional for the initial few hours after posting is published. It could be as short as a single day, or even one week.

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, posted and posted an illustration of this feature (through Jonah Manzano).

He demonstrated the way that, by clicking the toggle button, certain users could gain the access of a function only accessible to members.

It prevents users from seeing the post for a certain duration of time.

You’ll need some users, but it can be beneficial. Meta is looking to increase the popularity of its creators.

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This is to ensure that more users will share their posts across multiple platforms frequently , and keep people returning to see more.

Instagram claims that marketing creators is its top priority , and is planning to add AI-recommended posts to its users feeds. This will provide the app’s emerging talents more exposure.

Facebook is introducing a range of tools to its creators, like ads and page updates to help fellow creators, aid the most popular fans, and much more.

Meta is looking into a better solution that lets authors publish their posts to only the top users and app subscribers. This is similar to the new option of a new subscriber.

It is clear that limiting posts to a brief period could improve the quality of content, and increase the value of subscribers. This could also increase the amount of interest.

Imagine a person visiting your profile who is seeing a subscriber only post. They aren’t able to view it even if they try to view it.

It’s a valuable service and shows the subscribers that they are appreciated for their loyalty.

Perhaps more people might pay to view your updates. It’s all in how good or interesting the content is, and whether or not viewers are willing to spend more.


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