Fahad Mustafa became part of EcoStar’s Campaign for PSL cricket tournament


EcoStar – a nationwide leading brand of consumer electronics has now launched a new advertising campaign for its LED TVs. The advertisement features the famous artist and Media icon – Fahad Mustafa for the celebrity endorsement. The new TV commercial will highlight EcoStar’s high-performance LED Televisions and Home-Entertainment technologies that feature crystal-clear visuals and a dynamic sound quality.

This new advertising campaign will promote the advanced features of EcoStar Televisions that promise exceptional entertainment for the consumers, who will be able to enjoy the most thrilling and memorable experiences, especially during the upcoming ‘Second Edition’ of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) cricket tournament in Dubai, where some of the greatest stars of international cricket will be showing exciting performances.

The iconic actor and show-host – Fahad Mustafa will appear in this TV campaign to assure the consumers that they can rely on EcoStar Televisions, to make their cricket season more thrilling, exciting and enjoyable. He will also endorse the fascinating technologies and features found in the EcoStar LED Televisions that enrich the quality of home-entertainment and family-time for all segments of consumers.

The Head of Marketing at DWP Group stated that; The caption of this EcoStar LED TVC campaign is; “Andar ka cricketer jagaaye” as EcoStar Televisions will surely arouse the great passion for cricket found among the consumers in Pakistan, especially the youth.

EcoStar’s LED TVs range includes many different models like; the ‘4K UHD Smart LED TV’ – (VERO), the ‘3D Smart LED TV’, the ‘Smart LED TV’ and the standard ‘LED TV’. The prices of EcoStar LED Televisions are also very competitive. For more details and product specifications, please visit www.ecostar.com.pk


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