Ministers of the current government, actually all PTI members were in the headlines not because of their work but for several other reasons. Whether it was Zartaj Gul giving credit to PTI government , Firdous Ashiq Awan declaring the cause of earthquakes is due to “tabdeeli”  or Shehryar Khan Afridi always starting his sentences “Jaan ALLAH ko deni hai”. But this time they went a little far.

Time and again we have witnessed Faisal Vawda, Federal Minister for Water Resources proving himself as an expert for uncalled stunts. To jog your memory, let’s take a peek into the attack on Chinese consulate that took place last year in Karachi. 

Faisal Vawda

Shortly after the attack was thwarted, Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda showed up to the site in a bulletproof vest and armed with a gun.This time Mr. Vawda criticized the opposition by placing a boot on the Table during Kashif Abbassi’s Show, Off The Record.

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In the program, Faisal Vawda placed the ‘Boot’ on the table and said that PML-N has honored the “Boot”, kissed the boot and honored it. Is there any shame? The nation has seen the origin and reality of these two parties.Federal Minister also mentioned that if PPP came with the amendments for the “Army Act” then why didn’t they put them forward.Meanwhile, PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has said, “If the federal minister is saying that whatever we have done in the Parliament is because of the “Army” then this means that the PPP and the PML-N are not on their side or making Parliament supreme but have voted under pressure from the “Army”.

After this situation, Qamar Zaman Kaira and Javed Abbasi of the PML-N left the program.

It is to be remembered that the Government’s “Army Amendment Act” bills were supported by the opposition parties Muslim League-N and the PPP, after which these bills were approved by the majority of votes from the National Assembly and Senate. 

The bills were opposed by the Islamic, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) and other parties, while members of the PML-N’s parliamentary party also expressed reservations over support.

Lets see will this be another warning for Vawda or he will be losing his ministry like Fayyaz ul hassan chohan and Fawad. As far as history is concerned “Army” was never accused or named that openly as it is now and Faisal Vawda will have a great share in highlighting “Army’s” interference in the “Army Act”.


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