Faisalabad businessman is arrested for ‘abduction, torture , and sexual assault’ on a woman

Faisalabad businessman is arrested for 'abduction, torture , and sexual assault' on a woman

In yet another instance of women being abused across the nation, a prominent businessman, along with five men were accused of abducting, torturing as well as sexually assaulted an medical student from Faisalabad this Wednesday.

Police initiated actions against six of the suspects following videos of the victims being beaten and humiliated went viral through social networks.

In the horrifying images in the horrific images, the Sheikh Danish Ali, who runs an incredibly lucrative company in Punjab city, as well as Maham who is a classmate that the victim was with, are observed not just savagely pounding Khadija Mehmood, but also throwing abuse at her at their house in the posh Paradise Valley.

A case was filed against Danish and His daughter Ana Ali, who is was one of the classmates of the suspected victim at the university.

As per the investigation report Khadija was a senior student at BDS was an Ana’s friend and frequently visited her house. Danish began to feel affection towards Khadija and wanted his daughter to give her an engagement proposal. Khadija was not interested and rejected his proposal , and Ana began to send the victims death threats. When he received these threat, Khadija cut off all contact with Danish or his loved ones.

On the 9th of August, Danish and his daughter along with a gang of men entered Khadija’s house and took her away and her brother.

As per the FIR they also snatched valuables like Khadija’s Iphone 13 Pro Max, gold bangles, and Rs500,000.
The victim was taken to their luxurious home located in one of the most luxurious areas in Faisalabad The culprits then began brutally beating Khadija before her brother.

Danish with his son together with other household members cut her hair and made her lick her shoes, while they recorded this horrific act of abuse and humiliation on video that the perpetrators later shared via social networks.

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Khadija claims she was forced to do an sexy act for Danish that he recorded.

A city Police Officer Faisalabad informed The Netmag that “Police have arrested the main suspect [Danish Alitoday as well as six other perpetrators who brutally tortured the woman. An specialized team was created in the name of CPO Faisalabad to immediately detain the suspects”.

The police quickly took action against the culprits Ana one of the most prominent suspects, hasn’t been taken into custody as of yet.

The video went all over social media, users demanded heads accept the humiliation handed out to the victim.

Internet users have flooded Twitter with images of the suspects Danish and are now doubling up on the way justice will be done since violence against women is now all over Pakistan.

Others are noting some of the primary suspects in the incident has still to be identified.

Some photos from Danish’s child Ana are appearing on social media sites, where Ana is seen wearing expensive footwear that the victim was requested to lick in one the videos being posted.


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