Another fake account emerges after the ‘billionaire’ Karachi Falooda vendor

After the ‘billionaire’ Karachi falooda vendor, another fake account has been discovered by FBR which was used for millions of rupees transactions in Karachi. In a little span of time, two fake accounts have been discovered by FBR and both of them weren’t aware of it.

This time, it was female employee of Sindh health department who recently received tax notice from the Federal Board of Revenue mentioning that millions of rupees transactions have been made from his bank account and despite of the huge transactions,she did not pay any tax.

The lady named Sarwat Zehra, was shell-shocked as she neither has an account in the mentioned bank nor so much amount to make such massive transactions.

Sarwat Zehra is a government employee. After receiving the notice from FBR, she came to know about the fake account via the FBR tax notice.

The notice was sent to her for recovery of Rs110 million in taxes over the transactions made from her bank account. But, she was totally unaware of anything like that.

According to Zehra, her CNIC and mobile number were used for opening the fake account. She narrates some four years ago she had lost her cell phone and that phone might be used for opening the fake account against her name.

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In response to making such a huge transition, she says that how it is possible to have a large account of money since she is a lower grade government employee. Moreover, she is the widow and only bread-earner of her family.

Now, FBR is currently investigating fake bank accounts’ matter on the order of the Supreme Court and has advised her to contact the Federal Investigation Agency.

It is important to mention here last month, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) revealed a large amount of Rs2.25 billion deposited in a bank account opened in the name of afalooda vendor in Karachi.

He was a resident of Orangi Town, Karachi. The poor guynamed Abdul Qadir learned that he has Rs2.225 billion in his bank account after FIA called and summoned him in this regard. However, he only came to know about the hefty amount when he got a notice from the FIA.

Investigations show that the deposit case was the biggest money laundering scam in Sindh’s history. Not to know, both cases emerged from Karachi.

Fake accounts linked with Model Ayan Ali?

In addition, recently super model Ayan Ali has been linkedwith fake accounts. According to The News, “Transactions of millions of rupees had been made in Ayyan Ali’s account from fake accounts.”

Well, now all this fake account drama makes some sense, isn’t?

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