Fake registration of a device can lead to at least 7 years of imprisonment

It should be noted by users that the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan has started taking action on perpetrators who are found guilty of fake device registration and if found guilty will face a heavy penalty. The FIA have reportedly taken some very strong measures and they have promised that they will start arresting people involved in faking registration of mobiles in Pakistan and in addition to that, those involved in fake Identity and changing Mobile IMEIs scams will also face the axe from authorities. Furthermore, the FIA have also warned all of the people who are found colluding in such a crime such as shopkeepers or customers found involved in the illegal mobile registration, they will in turn incur a heavy penalty of either 7 years imprisonment or a fine of 10 million rupees and in some cases may even endure a mix of both extremes.

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Now in accordance to the information provided to us by sources, we have found that as of the moment there are many mobile phone sellers who are operating in Pakistan who are indulged in carrying out registration through the fake or stolen identity of people not involved and have in turn started to bypass the PTA DIRBS system. According to the source they do this by using passport information of expatriate from travel agents and use them to register the phones of customers in Pakistan by charging anywhere between the price of Rs 2000 to 5000 per handset and hence have started operations of such a crime. This criminal act of most mobile sellers has in turn been reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to FIA and the issue has also beena part of the discussion between different areas of the society especially in a Senate subcommittee meeting on IT & Telecom.

Moreover, in terms of action being carried out, the FIA have already reportedly arrested some people involved in such a crime and are now investigatingmore thoroughly to find more people who may be taking part in this. It is likely that thearrests of more people will follow and well the FIA have made it clear, no one is safe from the hands of justice. In turn,  any person who is then found guilty ofdamaging the flow of the information system will be punished according to PECA rules.

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