The uploader of Fake WhatsApp fooled Google Play store

The uploader of Fake WhatsApp fooled Google Play store
The uploader of Fake WhatsApp fooled Google Play store

The uploader of Fake WhatsApp fooled Google Play store Following the advancements of technology, the criminals are struggling to become tech savvy. And different kinds of crimes have been turned into cyber crimes through different technological ways.

As we see that the dacoits of the past have made their way towards hacking, suicide attacks are being taken away with suicide games like “Blue Whale Game ” different kinds of crimes are being replaced by technology,  especially by cyber systems.

During the last week a fake Whatsapp version was spotted on Google Playstore. The fake WhatsApp application popped up on Google’s Play store causing Google to come under scrutiny for permitting this app to garner over 1 million downloads being un able to spot this malicious app.

A lot of people did express their frustration in the comment section of this fake app. The people in the comment section explained the way they were being bombarded by advertisements. People also expressed that they were being redirected to various third-party websites through this app.

There is an opportunity for the hackers to use this app to trick you into downloading malicious software. This app can also help the hackers to spy on you by uploading a lot of malware on your device.

Reports say that there are more than 500 apps on Google play store that had been spying on its users.

The app has been uploaded by some unknown person and the anonymous uploader first named this fake WhatsApp as “Update WhatsApp, ” but,  later he changed this name to “Dual what web Update.”

However,  Google has managed to remove this app but has not yet given any kind of official statement on this matter.

The interesting point of this matter is that the app maker fooled Google Play store by adding extra space in the name “WhatsApp Inc.” Though it may not be visible to average android users, in computer code, it is pretty obvious, for example, WhatsApp+Inc%C2%A0.

What is the bad aspect is that Google does not permit apps to imitate another title or logo of another brand, but in this case, the developer has bypassed security measures of Google. However, Google is taking precautionary measures to prevent any kind of other malware attempts.

Last week, Government of Pakistan warned that WhatsApp could leak sensitive data to third-party websites and Interior Ministry -in an attempt to save data from being leaked-  has issued extensive guideline.

Another case, earlier this year in March, Wikileaks had confirmed that WhatsApp messages being insecure, could be seen by a third party.


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