In the ongoing crucial World Cup game against New Zealand, which is a must-win for the Green Shirts, Fakhar Zaman has achieved a remarkable feat by scoring the fastest hundred for Pakistan in World Cup history. Let’s dive into the details of this extraordinary performance, Pakistan’s chances of victory, and more.

Fakhar Zaman’s Lightning Century

Fakhar Zaman managed to post the century in just 63 balls, showcasing his extraordinary batting prowess. It’s an achievement that has sent shockwaves through the cricketing world and left fans in awe.

Breaking Imran Nazir’s Record

Fakhar Zaman’s century in 63 balls has not only set a new record for Pakistan but also broken the previous record held by Imran Nazir. Imran Nazir had scored a century in 95 balls against Zimbabwe in 2007 at Kingston. This accomplishment underscores Fakhar Zaman’s exceptional talent and his contribution to Pakistani cricket.

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A Marvelous Innings

Fakhar’s brilliant innings included 9 sixes and 7 fours, making it a delightful spectacle for cricket enthusiasts. The sheer power and precision displayed by Fakhar during his century are worth applauding.

Pakistan’s Chase of 402 Runs

While chasing the mammoth target of 402 runs, Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Azam, is also at the crease with Fakhar, and he is not out with 47 runs to his name. Before the rain interruption, Pakistan was cruising at 160-1 in 21.3 overs, and according to the DLS method, they are 10 runs ahead, which means that if the rain doesn’t stop, Pakistan will win the match by 10 runs.

A Thrilling Chase

Pakistan’s pursuit of a massive target like 402 runs is no easy task. Fakhar and Babar’s partnership has been instrumental in keeping Pakistan in the game. The tantalizing prospect of victory hangs in the balance.

Pakistan’s Bowling Performance

Earlier in the match, Pakistan’s bowling performance was less than stellar, with Haris, Shaheen, and Hasan proving to be expensive. However, the young talent, Wasim Jr, was economical and managed to take 3 crucial wickets while conceding just 60 runs in his 10 overs.

Wasim Jr’s Heroics

While Pakistan’s bowling attack faced some challenges, Wasim Jr’s exceptional performance breathed life into the team’s prospects. His ability to take crucial wickets while maintaining economy is commendable.

The Path to Victory

Pakistan is in a strong position and needs to maintain this momentum to successfully chase the challenging total. If the rain doesn’t interfere further, Pakistan is on track to secure a victory. The cricketing world is eagerly watching to see if they can pull off this thrilling chase.


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