False Alarm, no Coronavirus found to be in goats

Coronavirus in goats

Ladies and gentlemen the Coronavirus outbreak is serious and it’s a very deadly virus and one must take precautions in a bid to save oneself from getting affected by the virus. While, taking precautions is necessary and being aware of this virus is even more important one should also be aware but one should also be aware of the false news that the internet can source at times which causes nothing but fear in the minds of the community. 

Such is the story that we saw on 28 January 2020, a image was posted on Facebook and this picture in a bid to make it more believable had a logo of Punjab Food Authority (PFA), the picture basically directed the citizens of Pakistan to stop eating mutton for at least the next 2 months as goats have also shown symptoms of being affected by the Coronavirus. However, PFA then quickly clarified that it has not released any such image and that is should not be believed. 

The picture posted on Facebook which has been found to be false read, “Very urgent message. In Pakistan too, Coronavirus alert has been issued. For the next 60 days try your utmost to not eat goat meat. In Pakistan signs of this virus have started appearing in goats. Share this message as much as you can so that the life of your own people could be saved.” 

In a response the PFA clarified the false image by stating, “Beware, This image released under the logo of Punjab Food Authority is fake”. Now even though the Coronavirus has reportedly spread through snakes, no evidence has suggested that goats also carry this dreadful virus. So far not one animal has shown signs of having Coronavirus in our home country of Pakistan. Moreover, it is with the blessings of God that Pakistan is among the countries who are yet to report a confirmed case of Coronavirus.


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