The famous chef Tahir Chaudhry passes away on Saturday evening. This is sad news for all of his fans as Chef Tahir Chaudhry was a well known chef working on Masla TV.

The reason behind his sudden death was a cardiac arrest which didn’t give him another chance to breath.

Chef their started his career working at an international hotel in Dubai, UAE and was an internationally certified chef. In his working history as chef he achieved success and earned much respect.

It is important to mention here that before moving to Pakistan, he has had worked in France and Italy.

The late chef hosted many cooking shows and shared his knowledge and tips about cooking with local viewer. He was famous due to his budget friendly recipes.

Fans of cooking expert are still in shock as they shared their remorse on Twitter with many saying that they still couldn’t believe he was no more.

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A fan of his shared his views about the chef on Twitter,

 “So devastated to know about Chef Tahir Chaudhary’s sudden demise. What a gentle, friendly man. It was an honour to know him personally. I have learnt so much from him about cooking that’s gonna stay with me all life. May Allaah bless him with Jannah, Aameen!”

This is what die-heart fans has to say,

 “Renowned Chef Tahir Chaudhary died today due to cardiac arrest.His services for the culinary industry of Pakistan will never be forgotten”

Another appraised his services,

 “Tahir Chaudhry, one of Pakistan’s renowned culinary experts, passed away on Saturday evening after a cardiac arrest.Chaudhry had worked as a chef in France, Italy and Dubai before he started working in Pakistan.”

Eman Dar Tweeted,

“A very sad news to hear about the death of legendary chef Tahir Chaudhary due to cardiac arrest”

Life is not eternal and ultimately we all have to go one day from this world. However, sudden deaths of loved ones always leave a mark on the life. RIP,Chef Tahir Chaudhry.


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