Famous game Fortnite hits 15 million downloads on Android

Te famous and well liked game Fortnite has just hit 15 million apk downloads on the Android platformafter experiencing tremendous interest by the users,according to recent blog post of Epic games.

Currently, 23 million users are playing the game on Android via Fortnite’s beta program whereas 15 million have already downloaded the apk file from Epic games’ website.It seems that Fortnite has already attracted a huge customer-base and fan following.

The game has great number of downloads on just PC-arena which indicates that game is set to attract millions of mobile-users to its gaming platform on the Android platform as well.

The company is bringing in the rewards for evading the Google play store and offering the game via apk download on its own website, so you can avoid the 30% Google play store fee. This factor has profited the company to a huge level.

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Moreover, currently most of the users are playing the game on the beta version, as it is in beta on Android right now while not being available on a broad range of devices. As a result, it is expected that user-base of the game is probably to grow much more once it expands its reach on other platforms and is made available to users at larger number of smartphones.

It is important to mention here that despite of all this hype and success the game has had some issues as well, just after the beta program was launched, some users complained about performance issues, hang-ups that happened on regularly.

However, Epic also assured its android user that related steps are being taken to save Android players of Fortnite from any malware scams. According to the blog post on Epic games, the company iskeenly monitoring the internet for malware website and has found 47 unauthorized “Fortnite for Android” websitesso far. As per the details, majority of thesewebsites seem to be run by the same ‘bad actors’.

Furthermore, the company has also hired a third-party IP and anti-fraud enforcement agency to develop Epic’s policing efforts, as per blog post.

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