Those that are hoping for faster charging throughout the Galaxy S30 family are set for some disappointment – with respect to new information coming in from China.

Spotted by MyFixGuide, a new listing on China’s 3C certification website has seemingly gone on to shed some light with regards to the Galaxy S30’s charging speed. The phone in question sports the model number SM-G991. Based on the model naming structure that Samsung usually follows, it is believed that this particular device is the bottom rung phone on the ladder.

The listing goes on to suggest that the device will sport 25W fast charging – which of course represents a far cry from the 65W charging that happened to have been mentioned in a previous leak. While it doesn’t in fact rubbish any rumored existence of Samsung’s faster charging tech, it could indeed point towards the Korean manufacturer reserving it for more premium models. Indeed it did the same with the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 45W charging support.

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Also, it is actually possible that charging speed is actually limited by the charger itself and not necessarily the phone. While the Korean manufacturer may include a charger in the box unlike the suite followed by Apple in respect to the brand’s iPhone 12, Samsung may ask users to spend more money in order to get their hands on a fast charger.

There have been a slew of charging as well as battery-related leaks that have been coming forward in recent times with respect to the Galaxy S30 series in the more recent times. Based on an earlier 3C listing, the Galaxy S30 may end up sticking with a 4000mAh battery while the Galaxy S30 Ultra may keep the S20 Ultra’s 5000mAh capacity battery, too. Notably, it is the Galaxy S30 Plus that might end up seeing a buff to 4800mAh – making it a more attractive option.


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