Fastest fingerprint scanner to date; brought to You by Xiaomi

Fastest fingerprint scanner to date; brought to You by Xiaomi
Fastest fingerprint scanner to date; brought to You by Xiaomi

Xiaomi has been gearing up to launch its latest and upcoming flagship phone, the Mi 9 for the past few weeks, and now it seems as if the time is finally here for the Chinese brand to unveil its highly anticipated device. Since the rumors and the hype reached their peaks, Xiaomi and its executives have been confirming features of the phone – in an attempt to build even further hype!

With the latest move in mind, the company’s president, Lin Bin has revealed that the upcoming phone from will actually possess an In-display fingerprint scanner like none other we’ve seen before – because this scanner will actually be the fastest In-display fingerprint sensor ever since the concept’s inception. He further commented on his statement by saying that the company has opted for the fifth generation of the In-display fingerprint sensor.

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The benefits of this new generation sensor were supported by Lin Bin after he stated that this sensor will actually be 25 percent more faster than any current generation fingerprint sensor that we have at our disposal. Moreover, he also stated that the new generation sensor is for special use-cases, which include situations like dry fingers, and low temperature, with such situations in turn increasing the unlocking rate quite significantly when compared to the previous generation.

Another added advantage of this new generation sensor is the fact that it will come with a night mode, which means that the brightness of the fingerprint recognition area goes on to be automatically adjusted, with pretty much all aspects being dependent on the environment. There has also been a decision by the Chinese brand to expand the unlock area, while the placement positions has also been altered to much of an extent. This is done in an attempt to blend the experience to that of the traditional fingerprint sensor.

Fastest fingerprint scanner to date; brought to You by Xiaomi

Lei Jun, who happens to be both the founder, as well as the CEO of Xiaomi recently revealed that the upcoming phone is set to feature with a 40 percent smaller chin when in comparison to its predecessor, while the waterdrop notch display of the smartphone will go on to offer a 90.7 percent screen-to-body ratio.


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