Pakistan is no stranger to having army chiefs extend their tenures. It has been happening for ages now. The most recent one was also in the news quite a bit and for all the wrong reasons. The PM approving the extension later delayed by the court and now after several hearings in court where the judge repeatedly clarified that the job of protecting the nation is not only of the Army Chief’s, but of the Army too, therefore the tenures should be carried on like normal. Extending tenures delays all the following promotions which is not good for those waiting in line.

Fawad Ch, has a suggestion to fix these issues once and for all:

As a student of politics since 93, my personal opinion is that we should have a joint parliamentary committee which should immediately decide on the two matters.

There is no doubt that the opposition’s role should be recognised. Without them, a wider consensus regarding institutions cannot be achieved. The prime minister has always spoken of the strengthening of institutions and of course this has meant asking that institutions respect the authority and balance of one another. And with the help of media, a consensus on the two matters should immediately be formed.


A consensus on these two matters is of extreme importance for Pakistan. And any problem that besets Pakistan can not be solved solely by a single institution. I know for a fact that his heart beats with the people. He wishes to make a new Pakistan. Fawad Ch has no personal agenda, he doesn’t want to amass wealth and is not interested in power. He actually wishes to bring change.

But for that to take place, unless we bring balance in our institutions, unless we strike a fresh deal, we will remain entangled in problems


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