Fawad Chaudhary has not been the one to shy away from mainstream controversial topics and have always given his opinion on the matters that affect the nation in any form. Often coming off as a little childish and amateur, Fawad Chuadhary is still one of the most interesting personalities of the current Government, always giving us a laugh or two. However, the current matter at hand is an extremely serious one and here is what Fawad Chaudhary has to say on it:

They neither have the capability to choose words nor issue statements,

I am generally against the death penalty. It is an irreversible punishment so I am one of those who do not like capital punishment. Having said that, it cannot be denied how Musharraf had arrested judges and appointed PCO judges. He mutinied against the state. He had done it in 1999 as well

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The judge who ordered that Musharraf be dragged at D-chowk and displayed for three days is a nonsensical decision. This was done by the Taliban. This was done hundreds of years ago. It cannot happen now. It calls for a case in the Supreme Judicial Council whether the judge is even fit [to arbitrate]

Pervez Musharraf was arrogant but the fact that he is facing this situation, and is on a hospital bed and pleading is his punishment. There is no one in this country who would agree that what Justice Seth has ordered can be carried out in Pakistan. I am astonished

The trial of high treason is the requirement of the Constitution against those individuals who undermine or attempt to undermine the Constitution by any means

This Court after the presentation of undeniable, irrefutable and unimpeachable evidence by the prosecution against the accused reaches to the conclusion that indeed accused [Musharraf] is guilty and deserves exemplary punishment


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