Now papers of FBISE will be check through e-Marking System As they say to err is a human; to forgive, divine. We all do make mistakes apart from students; teachers also do errors because education system in Pakistan is based upon manual chinking of paper by teachers and faculty members. Hence, being a human there are lots of chances to make mistakes while paper checking.

In order to advance the paper chinking system, Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has decided to take an initiative based on e-marking system in paper checking by adopting modern technology to make sure 100% precision and transparency in the examinations.

According to Chairman Federal Board Dr. Ikram Ali Malik, the pilot project of the online marking system has been completed.

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On Monday, in an exclusive talk with the media, Dr. Ikram Ali said that at first the computer science exam will be checked through the modern e-marking system during the next session. After that, papers of other subjects will also be checked by this system.

According to FBSIE, they run a pilot project and papers of computer science had been checked through the e-marking system in last session. As, pilot project went successful now we hope that it will surly help teachers to save time and make sure transparency in the marking process, he added.

The will be centralized under which different questions of a paper would be sent to more than one teacher in new online system, the Chairman said adding that the teachers would send them back throughout the system, instantly after marking.

He said this system will guarantee total eradication of favoritism and other reservations like biasness which often reported by the students.

Initially, he said the training had been imparted to only two teachers while imparting training to more teachers would further strengthened the online checking system.

In recent times, an well-known educationist and assessment expert Professor Dr Norman Reid of Glasgow University, Scotland had passed on quality international training to master trainers in different subjects through “Teachers Training Assessment” to improve their capacity building, he added.

Now after FBISE, the need of hour is, the boards of all other provinces need to take similar initiatives like this, to make sure transparency and to secure the future of students.


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