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FBR to Give Out Cash Rewards For Whistleblowers

The source or informant enrolled with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) would be qualified for a compensation at the pace of 20% up to a limit of Rs. 5 million of the sidestepped measure of assessment engaged with a solitary case. 

The FBR Friday gave the new Inland Revenue Reward Rules 2021 for Inland Revenue officials including “Source,” or “Informant” who are not representatives of the FBR. 

The witness or informant will give data looking like solid proof, which indisputably leads 

to the identification of tax avoidance, detailing of evaluation/reassessment, and inevitable recuperation of the dodged charge, FBR said. 

As per the notice gave here on Friday by the FBR, the new guidelines have been given to unite reward rules gave independently every now and then and to set up a uniform motivations system for discovery of tax avoidance, commendable administrations, and some other exceptional presentation, across the Inland Revenue field arrangements, separations, and the base camp. 

The Inland Revenue Reward Rules 2021 have been given in compatibility to the Tax Administration Reforms finishing in the consolidation of all inland assessments to be specific those forced under The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, The Sales Tax Act, 1990, The Federal Excise Act, 2006, and The Islamabad Capital Territory (Tax on Services) Ordinance, 2001, and the resulting production of the Inland Revenue Service with the end goal of implementation of and execution of capacities thereof. 

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Under the new guidelines, the FBR, at the end of each financial year, may offer prizes to officials/officials in 

acknowledgment of the praiseworthy administrations delivered by them during the year. The measure of remuneration for worthy administrations for no situation will be under 3 and in excess of 6 compensations in each and every case. 

The measure of remuneration for phenomenal execution for no situation will be under 12 and in excess of 24 compensations in each and every case for example each official/staff engaged with the appointed errand. 

Following sorts of execution will be qualified for guarantee of remuneration under the Reward Rules: 

Identification and evaluation/recuperation of expense looked to be avoided; worthy administrations and uncommon execution and determined rules. 

The expression “Worthy Services” signifies and remembers remarkable execution for any or a blend of the accompanying territories: 

Surpassing budgetary focuses through extra-conventional arranging and endeavors; showing remarkable outcomes in the recuperation of overdue debts; augmenting the base of citizens by adding countless new citizens whose commitment to incomes would be generous; uncommon execution in guarding cases (by the Departmental Representatives) before the ATIR; showing phenomenal dedication to obligation and intuition towards making some unique commitment.


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