There is no shortage of ideas in this world, and many go through with their ideas, and most of the time, lack of investment is a major problem. Many startups do not reach the potential they might due to this fact, and because of this FbStart is now there to help startups from around the world. FbStart comes with the simple aim, which is it being dedicated to helping thousands of startups around the world, by providing the sufficient funds, and tools, to build and grow their business. There is a cash distribution of $160,000 to top five companies in the world.

The criteria to enter is very simple. Any FbStart member is eligible to participate, with the condition being that the apps of the year competition only accepting submissions for the native iOS or android mobile apps.

The criteria set is a rather simple one. One of the major questions asked is whether the startup is growing quickly enough, or not and if it has indeed entered new markets, is it doing a good job in retaining its customers? Another criterion is whether the app is designed best for user experience, or not? The efficiency of the app will also be looked at, whether the use of facebook and other third party tools make the app efficient. Finally, another area which is considered is whether facebook developer plays an important part in the development of the app, or not.


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