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Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Falls Short by Rs. 62 Billion in May 2023

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) faced a significant setback in May 2023, experiencing a massive shortfall of Rs. 62 billion. Unofficial data revealed that the tax collection for the month amounted to Rs. 559 billion, falling short of the assigned target of Rs. 621 billion. This deficit poses a substantial challenge for the FBR, as it strives to meet the annual target of Rs. 7,640 billion by the end of the current fiscal year. Let’s delve into the details of this financial setback and its implications for the FBR.

Tax Collection Performance in May 2023

The tax collection performance of the FBR in May 2023 was far from satisfactory. With only Rs. 559 billion collected, a substantial gap of Rs. 62 billion emerged when compared to the assigned target. This shortfall calls for immediate attention and strategic planning to address the revenue deficit.

Accumulated Tax Collection from July to May

During the first eleven months of the current fiscal year (July to May), the FBR managed to accumulate a total of Rs. 6,200 billion in tax revenue. While this figure showcases a commendable effort, it highlights the increasing pressure on the FBR to achieve the remaining target of Rs. 1,440 billion in the final month of June.

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Challenges for the FBR

The FBR now faces the formidable task of collecting nearly Rs. 1,440 billion in June 2023 to meet the annual target of Rs. 7,640 billion for the fiscal year 2022-23. This challenge necessitates efficient tax collection strategies, streamlined processes, and enhanced enforcement measures. It is crucial for the FBR to identify the reasons behind the May shortfall and take proactive steps to avoid similar setbacks in the future.

Importance of Meeting Annual Targets

Meeting the annual tax collection target is of paramount importance for the FBR and the overall economic stability of the country. The revenue generated through taxes is a crucial source of funding for public services, infrastructure development, and government initiatives. Failure to achieve the annual target can lead to budgetary constraints, limiting the government’s ability to invest in vital sectors and meet the needs of the population.

Steps to Overcome the Revenue Shortfall

To address the revenue shortfall and meet the annual target, the FBR must implement targeted strategies and adopt proactive measures. Some potential steps include:

  1. Enhancing Tax Compliance: The FBR should emphasize the importance of tax compliance among individuals and businesses. Increasing awareness about tax obligations and simplifying the filing process can encourage voluntary compliance.
  2. Strengthening Enforcement: The FBR needs to enhance its enforcement capabilities to deter tax evasion and promote a culture of transparency. This may involve conducting rigorous audits, imposing penalties for non-compliance, and utilizing advanced technology for efficient monitoring.
  3. Improving Tax Administration: Streamlining tax administration processes can contribute to improved efficiency and effectiveness in tax collection. Simplifying tax laws, introducing user-friendly online platforms, and providing timely assistance to taxpayers can foster a positive environment for compliance.
  4. Targeting High-Value Taxpayers: The FBR should focus on engaging with high-value taxpayers, as their contributions can significantly impact revenue generation. Building relationships with these individuals and businesses through personalized services and incentives can encourage them to fulfill their tax obligations promptly.
  5. Promoting Economic Growth: A thriving economy can lead to increased tax revenues. The FBR should collaborate with relevant stakeholders to promote economic growth, attract investments, and create job opportunities. A robust economy can boost tax collection and reduce dependency on a limited taxpayer base.


The significant shortfall of Rs. 62 billion faced by the FBR in May 2023 highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to bridge the revenue gap. With the annual target of Rs. 7,640 billion looming, the FBR must overcome this challenge by implementing efficient tax collection strategies, enhancing enforcement measures, and fostering a culture of tax compliance. By addressing the root causes of the shortfall and implementing proactive solutions, the FBR can strive towards meeting its annual target and ensuring the economic stability and growth of the nation.


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