FIA to Keep Close Watch Over Child Pornography on The Internet

FIA to Keep Close Watch Over Child Pornography on The Internet

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is keeping close tabs on people who are engaged with review, downloading, and spreading child pornography in Pakistan. 

This was uncovered during the meeting of the Senate’s standing committee on child wellbeing headed by PPP Senator Rubina Khalid. 

During the instructions, FIA authorities informed the committee that the FIA has begun a focused on activity against those engaged with viewing, downloading, and sharing child pornography. 

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FIA has received specialized techniques in managing the appalling demonstration other than acquainting another strategy with gather proof against the guilty parties. 

The authorities included that the organization’s Cybercrime Wing will before long declare more measures taken against child pornography in the nation. 

Administrator standing committee praised FIA’s endeavors and worried upon the requirement for reconciling the examination procedure of the police with current strategies to stop child abuse incidents. 

Rawalpindi police informed the committee that Sohail Ayaz, the pioneer of a universal child pornography group who was captured a year ago in November from Rawalpindi, is in a correctional facility, including that police is seeking after the case to guarantee court dispenses harsh punishment to the perpetrator.


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