It has been around two and a half years when the last update came for the Google glass, and if you’ve got it somewhere lying around, then it would probably be a good idea to plug it in. The update cannot be really called an update because it is barely a cliche that Google has fulfilled. This comes from the fact that Google provided us with 2 key points regarding the update, one of which is “bug fixes and performance improvements”, but isn’t this part of almost every software update that comes within. While this point clearly suffers from a lack of innovation, the other is seemingly better. The other key point provided by Google states that Bluetooth capabilities of the device have improved.

The glass wasn’t one of Google’s most inspired and successful devices, proved by the fact that it was discontinued in January 2015. But coming at a hefty price tag of $1500, can you really blame the customers for not being eagerly interested in the device?

It really isn’t clear why Google has now released an update for the glass, because it really doesn’t make sense, especially when you consider the fact that the last update was released all the way back in October 2014. But still, it seems that Google hasn’t completely forgotten one of its more unsuccessful devices.


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