Finally Samsung redesigned emoji are actually recognizable including rolling eyes. Being a Samsung user, you must have aware with the fact that if you sent a “rolling eyes” emoji to a friend using a Samsung phone, chances are there he might not pick up what you’re laying down.

The reason behind this struggle is, 2017’s “rolling eyes” emoji looks more like a happy face with eyebrows and a smirk.

Well now, fortunately the new Samsung Experience 9.0 all set to launch as part of the Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 users and has pinched quite a few emoji, as well as the “eye-rolling” one, to convey them all new in line with other platform’s representations of the Unicode characters.

To be honest, when you send an emoji to a friend, you really want it to convey the same information according to situation. Like rolling eyes means you are annoyed with unlimited drams of your friends and you want to know them.

Emojipedia blog noted that , the Face Screaming in Fear will now look more like the painting by Edvard Munch not the kind of the weird anime-thing that Samsung had last year.

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On the other hand, the dancing woman emoji will look more like a woman doing the tango instead a kid stomping in her sneakers. Moreover, the man dancing emoji also drops the sneaker outfit and gets a purple disco-style jumpsuit.

Now, the angry devil, or “imp face” is more as same as what Apple offers, too, changing from a little boy with vampire fangs to a purple frowny-face with horns.

 Most of the human-representing icons apply a Simpsons-esque yellow skin tone, too, which you can observe in Samsung’s choice for Emoji 5.0 icons, like emoji of Star-Struck face, exploding head face, and woman with headscarf.

Finally all new Samsung emoji are going to be similar to other platforms, but, the alien monster at this time looks like a purple squid for some reason.

Women and Men with Bunny Ears only give you an idea about one younger-looking person per gender, as an alternative of two leotard-wearing people like the other platforms except Facebook, which matches the particular representation.

However, further consistency can only be a great thing for Samsung and other phone makers to communicate just a bit more undoubtedly and user friendly.


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