For a company that started out for those who couldn’t afford all those flagship phones, but still wanted to have those premium features available to them, OnePlus has come a long way. Starting as a humble company, it is now challenging the likes of Google, and Samsung, evident from the massive success the OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T gaining huge success, following their release. The company is expected to reveal the OnePlus 5 this summer and will be hoping for a similar amount of success that the previous flagship’s gained. There has also been no shortage of rumors regarding the phone’s camera, but now, we have finally seen an official photo captured from the device itself.

Above, you can see two images, being compared to one another. The first one is not that impressive, whereas the second one, which has presumably been taken by the OnePlus 5 is very impressive, offering vibrant colors, and a detailed look. The company has already confirmed that for camera success, it teamed up with DxO, and if the picture above tells us anything, then it seems as if this partnership will prove to be fruitful for both parties, and perhaps the OnePlus’ camera will actually challenge the likes of the Galaxy s8, Google pixel, etc. Another trend that we have seen in the past from other flagship phones in recent times, the presence of a dual-lens camera will also be present in the OnePlus 5. Whether or not the phone will have optical zoom capabilities, we can only wait and see.

We have also seen the likes of the Snapdragon 835 processor, and a front-facing fingerprint scanner being confirmed as features present in the phone. Though the release date of the phone is still to be confirmed, we shall find more about it as time progresses.


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