Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan came under fire, when she ‘attempted’ to donate blood for thalassemia patients under the blood donation drive. The social media accused her of faking it. 

Firdous Ashiq Awan, on Saturday, has been pictured donating the blood ‘symbolically’ under a blood drive with Sundas foundation. The staff of the foundation, including a doctor is posing in the video, as he can be seen pouring an infusion set without needle in her arm. The SAPM can be seen sitting on a chair, while staff is standing around him for pictures.

The whole incident went viral on social media, people are mocking and criticizing SAPM on her fake impression. 

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On the other hand, SAPM told media after the drive, “I have donated blood to the Sundas Foundation 22 times in the past, in addition to today’s one,” adding that, “It is nothing short of a reward if someone’s blood saves anyone’s life,”

However, after the footage went viral on twitter, people are not having it lightly. Social media heavily criticized the act and termed it ‘fake blood donation’ for the drive.

Amid criticism, the SAPM later tweeted in response to the social media campaign against her, saying that, it condemnable that social media and some parts of media coverages are circulating fallacious picture of the blood donation drive for thalassemia patients. She added that the whole purpose of the drive was to initiate the awareness campaign against thalassemia.

However, SAPM did not deny the fact in her tweet that weather she had actually given the blood or just posing for a stunt for the awareness.


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