The former Google engineer, behind a controversial memorandum on assortment efforts, is standing by his views and declares the company is trying to wipe his reputation.

The search giant had fired James Damore, on Monday, who fortified his views through an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg TV. His proposal which was contained 10 pages sparked anger from Google employees after being posted to an in-house network. It squabble biology prevents women from being as flourishing as men in the tech industry and disparaged the corporation as having a “left leaning” unfairness.

Damore claimed at first he shared the memo a month ago, but “no one from administration ever came to me and said, ‘No, don’t do this,’ although there were lots of people who looked at it,” Damore said. “It was just after it got viral that higher management started disgracing me and ultimately firing me.”

In his given memo, he argues that women are underrepresented in tech not as an effect of bias and favoritism. Instead, “the allocation of preferences and abilities of men and women fluctuate in the element due to biological causes and these diversities may give an explanation why we don’t perceive the same image of women in leadership and tech.”

Damore Engineer said that while some Google employees showed support for him, it’s not shocking not a single from the top ranks did so.

“There was an intensive attempt among upper management to have a very obvious indication that what I did was destructive and wrong and didn’t set for Google,” Damore said. “It would be career ending for any executives or directors to hold up for me.”

Google representatives didn’t instantly react to a demand for the remark.

The disagreement comes as Silicon Valley companies grapple with how to boost workforce diversity in an industry under enemy control by white men and pervaded with business cultures that seem biased against women and female engineers. Google, Microsoft Facebook, and other tech companies now frequently release diversity reports, showing low down percentages of women and minority employees, not many moving up the management series.

Google fired engineer Damore on Monday -The same day Sundar Pichai Google CEO told employees that the memo’s writer despoiled company rules by circulating the tarnished memo. He stated it’s “not OK” for employees to think that they can’t “steadily articulate their views (particularly those with a marginal viewpoint).”

Pichai said he considers Damore brought up suitable concerns regarding Google’s training and whether the diversity programs it has put in position are adequately open to all. But memo crossed a line, Pichai said.

Damore stated he considers his discharge was against the law and that he would “probably be pursuing legal action.” Before his firing, Damore said he presented a complaint to the “National Labor Relations Board” charging Google’s top management with “misrepresenting and humiliating me in order to quiet my protest.”



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