Firefox Launches an Facebook Container Extension in order to separate Facebook from the Rest of Your Data. You must have heard the recent privacy scandal about Facebook, now in this regard Mozilla has introduced a new extension that will provide you extra control over the data that Facebook collects about you.

A large number of people reacted on the scandal when it turned public and many of them deleted their accounts in rage. As a result Facebook lost a huge amount of its shares.

 Now, if you are also thinking about deleting Facebook in the stir of the recent Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal then you should hold on. Because, Mozilla has finally developed an extension that will let you take control of your online activity and data on the social network.

From now on you can protect your data with the help of Facebook Container Extension (only in Firefox). It will hard to keep track of your browsing activity on the third-party websites. Now, if you will add the Container tab then it will keep Facebook from tracking you as you go through different websites.

How it will Work?

You might be still unaware with the fact that Facebooks collects your data even if you aren’t logged on in the browser. So, the Container Extension will separate the users’ Facebook profile from the rest of the web. As, a result, it will limit off-site tracking which is made in the background.

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First of all, you would need to download and install the extension on your browser. In the second step, once you completed the installation, the extension will delete all Facebook cookies from your browser. Then it will log you out of your account, in case you are logged in.

Now, when the next time you log in to Facebook, the site will open in a Container tab which is separate blue-colored tab. It will certainly stop Facebook from tracking your activity on other tabs or websites that you have opened up.

How it works with like, comment and share buttons

It is important to mention here that several external websites have link buttons to Facebook. For instance, you might find share, like and comment buttons which are often embedded into third-party websites.

So, when you will try to use the like and comment buttons external to the container tab, they won’t work. Furthermore, if you are using the Facebook share button on an additional Firefox tab then it will load within the blue Container tab.

So, if you will open any external links from Facebook they will load outside of the Container tab.

On the other hand, in starting you might feel a bit odd while using FB through this extension and your news feed might seem new to you but if you want to get something then surely you have to lose something in return too.

Mozilla declares that it won’t collect any Facebook user data from the container extension either. In fact Mozilla will just collect the number of times that user has installed or removed the extension, that’s all.

So, if you want to protect your privacy without deleting Facebook, then Facebook Container Extension seems to be a feasible option at this time.


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