As per the schedule set not so long ago, at exactly 10 AM local Japanese time, the TV networks began the publicly broadcast of both 4K and 8K channels, via the use of satellite. Though there have been a couple of years since testing went through, NHK is actually the only one which happens to publish content at 8K, with a channel sound of 22.2.

The first movie which made its ways into the TV guide is 2001 : A Space Odyssey, and according to reports which are now surfacing from BBC, Warner Bros. had made their way into the rescanning of the film’s original 70mm negatives, just so they could specifically pave the way for the movie’s broadcast.

While the technology may seem to be progressing at quite an impressive rate, it is true that these are still early days. Almost no one currently has an 8K display, and most of the people require a special receiver, and antenna, just so they can pick up the required signal.

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A report which has surfaced from Engadget Japan has went on to report that Sharp has began the selling of its first ever Super Hi-vision-ready TVs, with a built-in tuner last month, and the reported price for this flirted around the huge price tag of $6600. Also, it’s important to take note that HDMI 2.1 hasn’t has its implementation in any of the displays just yet, so just the acquisition of the signal from box to the TV requires for the user to plug in four HDMI cables.

As of now, we’ve only happened to see the beginning or indeed a push for the implementation of 8K this year, however, now, there does seem to be an array of hope that things will push up, and gather pace as we approach CES 2019, which is supposed to take place next month. In Japan right now, the most basic and important incentive for many manufacturers would obviously be the 2020 Olympics, however, it will still take some time before we can start the estimates on pricing, or indeed the content.


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